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Vortex wastewater systems now exported to Thailand, Indonsesia, Iceland, Nigeria, Mongolia and Papua New Guinea.

WTE Ltd. has just exported 10 FALCON sewage treatment plants to Kurdistan.

These plants range from 12 to 150 populations and form the first part of a major contract with one of Kurdistan's leading wastewater engineering companies.

Doing our bit for UK exports.

Under the new EPP2 regulations, only plants with the EN 12566-3 2005 Certification are allowed to register for an Environment Agency Discharge Permit or Exemption Certificate.

Which plants in the UK have the EN 12566-3 Certificate? - See the list.

Septic Tank Registration In Ireland

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Attention all 'Peeping Tom's' - Get in a septic tank!

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A peeping Tom hid in a park's septic tank to watch women using the toilet but was discovered when he started coughing.

Alleged pervert Kenneth Enslow, 52, gave himself away as a mother and her 7-year-old daughter went to use the outhouse style toilet at White Water Park near Tulsa, Oklahoma at 5 p.m. Sunday, 7th July 2013.

The pair allegedly looked down the toilet bowl and saw him - covered from head to foot in excrement - looking up at them. A spokesman said that he had been hiding in the tank for some time.

They called the police who, due to his large size, used ropes to haul him out.  Fire crews then hosed him down and he was arrested and charged with being a 'peeping tom'.

WTE says: We wonder what made him cough???? It is certainly a 'Septic tank problem' we have never had to deal with!!

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