BioCube septic tank conversion unit

The Biocube sewage treatment plant and septic tank conversion system is a guaranteed, certified Domestic wastewater treatment system that is also capable of a high level of phosphate reduction.

The Biocube will solve your septic tanks soakaway / drainage field problems by converting the septic tank to a full sewage treatment unit.

Designed and manufactured in Denmark, the Biocube is one of the best on the market and cleans final effluent to twice the UK normal requirements to 10BOD:15SS:5NH3

All these Biocube units are designed to follow a septic tank - which can be an existing one as an upgrade.

The Biocube sewage system:Biocube Mars sewage treatment plant

  • Certified and tested to EN12566-3 2005 Only manufacturers with this certification are now legally able to sell treatment plants in the UK and Europe, though many manufacturers are continuing to sell illegally.
  • The plant of choice where low phosphorous or ammonia levels are required
  • Satisfies UK Building Regulations Part H2
  • Guaranteed Sewage Effluent Quality better than EU and UK Standard
  • Complete with Electronic Alarm System, (Alarm in House).
  • Discharge to watercourse or soakaway. (Water can also be used for irrigation.)
  • Various models in the range.
  • 'HOLIDAY MODE' feature enables the Biocube sewage system to be idle for up to 6 months without bacterial death Ideal for campsites, holiday lets, etc.
  • Please read Delivery Information before ordering.

Guaranteed Effluent Quality 

BioKube Venus

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Biocube Venus

Biocube Venus domestic wastewater treatment system or septic tank conversion unit is designed for single house use.

Biocube Venus is designed to treat between 1000 and 2000 litres of sewage per day depending on the level of treatment required.

The dimensions for Biocube Venus are 

Diameter 120 cm.

Height 185 cm.

Weight 170 kg.


Biocube Mars Biocube Mars sewage treatment plant

With a diameter of only 200 cm the Biocube Mars is very compact in size for a septic tank conversion unit designed to clean wastewater for 10 – 30 persons (2 – 8 houses)  Again this is dependant on the level of treatment required.

The dimensions for Biocube Mars are 

Diameter 200 cm.

Height 150 cm.

Weight 320 kg.

Biocube Jupiter Biocube Jupiter sewage treatment plant

Biocube Jupiter will clean wastewater from
75 – 600 persons (15 – 120 m3 / day).

These wastewater treatment systems are especially designed for small villages, caravan parks, camping sites and resorts. The systems are delivered fully equipped ready to install.

The Biocube Jupiter sewage systems are designed to fulfil either the:

Standard EU requirements (BOD5 < 25 mg/l, COD < 125 mg/l, SS < 35 mg/l, P < 1,5 mg/l) or 

Elite requirements (BOD5 < 10 mg/l, NH4 < 5 mg/l, COD < 75 mg/l, SS < 15 mg/l and P < 1,5 mg/l).

The Systems for Standard EU requirements are cheapest. 

European Standard EN 12566

A requirement of the EN 12566 standard for small sewage systems less than 50 PE is that packaged wastewater plants such as the Biocube, treat sewage to a certain quality and to the National Standard required in the country that the product will be used.  The Biocube was tested in Denmark to their quality standard.  A standard which is far tighter than the current UK Royal Commission quality standard.  The testing regime used for the European Standard is very strict.  It requires testing to be carried out over 38 weeks once the sewage system has been installed and brought up to working level.  The system is then stressed by under and over loading as well as having simulated holidays.

For the effluent testing requirement, Biocube AS had 4 units in test under laboratory conditions.  All 4 far exceeded the quality requirements of the test.  This is why Waste Tech Environmental Ltd. are able to give the guarantee above.

The Effluent from a Biocube wastewater treatment System and septic tank conversion unit is virtually pure water.

 The standard by which effluent from a sewage treatment system in the UK is measured is called the "Royal Commission" standard.

The "Royal Commission" standard is expressed normally as 20:30.  This means that the maximum permissible BOD, (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) of the effluent is 20 ppm, (parts per million), and the maximum permissible SS, (suspended solids), is 30 ppm.  

The above figures are the "Royal Commission" standard.  This does not stop either the Environmental Agency or SEPA in Scotland imposing their own quality levels depending on the local situation.  (Site of Scientific Interest, Nature Reserve, Aquifer etc.).

The Biocube system was tested in Denmark where the requirements for discharges are much tighter than in the UK.  Thus Biocube A/S have produced their Elite Standard where the water is to be re-used for irrigation purposes.

 More and more consents, issued by SEPA and the EA,  are mentioning ammonia and phosphorous reduction.  Normally, ammoniacal nitrogen is set at around 20 ppm, but we have had people come to us with consents that require less than 2 ppm in the final effluent, very difficult to achieve consistently, but possible.  We have had requests from SEPA for less than 0.1mg/L Phosphorous.

One of the main functions of the BioKube Sewage Treatment Tank is to remove ammonia from the sample.  SEPA issue all consents with an Ammonium level applied to them.  The Biokube system is designed to "De-nitrify" the outgoing water.  This is only possible in a 2 or 3 tank system such as the Biokube system.  Most systems on the market are single tank systems.

The other pollutant that is coming more prominent is Phosphorus. With effluent discharges going directly to bodies of water, such as ponds and lakes, the level of phosphorus in the water is important.  High levels of phosphorus lead to algael blooms.  The "Blue Green Algae" problem that most ponds show in the spring and summer is mainly due to high levels of phosphorus.  Reducing the levels will reduce the occurrence of these blooms.

Minimal de-sludging of the sewage system - once per year.

A Simple Installation, either DIY, Local Contractor, or Waste Tech Environmental Ltd.

Annual Maintenance of the BioKube sewage treatment plant is carried out by Sapphire Environmental Ltd.
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Electricity required YES
Emptying Interval
1 year
Primary tank
Internal moving parts
Performs during intermittent use (holiday lets, etc.) YES
Concrete backfill
Visually intrusive (large lids, kiosk, etc.)
YES for the larger ones
Expensive servicing
Warranty period
2 years
Easy Installation