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Dissolve and Flush

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EU crematorium corpse 'dissolve and flush’ proposal

The EU is currently investigating a proposal, which would allow undertakers to dissolve deadPour your relatives down the toilet bodies and flush them into the sewerage system.  This proposal has come from the Flemish Association of Undertakers as a way of cutting down on the amount of land taken up by burials.

The plans would see people’s deceased loved ones being placed in containers containing caustic salts and water. These containers would then be pressurised and some time later the liquid and mineral ash left over could be flushed into the sewerage system.

Yes, we are talking about dissolving the dead and flushing them down the loo. WTE Ltd. is appalled that the European Commission is even looking into this shameful, polluting and disrespectful suggestion.

It is the European Parliament that wants dissolving and flushing down the sewers.

Your comments please!

UPDATE 28TH June 2012 - WE CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! We thought that the above post was ludicrous, but we have just been asked to design a treatment system for a 'CREMATORIUM' that actually does this! They dissolve the bodies in caustic soda  and they want WTE Ltd. to design treatment for the resulting liquid before discharge to watercourse!! Apparently, all the solids that are left are a few fragments of bone, teeth, etc to be screened out and put in the urn! What happens in YOUR local 'Crematorium'?? You know what they say, "Where there is smoke there is fire" but what if there isn't any smoke???? Your comments please!


UPDATE 04/04/2013 Just been asked to quote for ANOTHER ONE!!!! We are NOT interested. Something should be done about this!!!

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  1. Patrick O'Leary

    Sue is right? Our local crematorium used to smoke too. You used to get ash on the washing on the line when the wind was in the wrong direction. This hasn't happened for over a year now?? NO smoke, NO ash, what is going on???

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  2. Sue Dickinson

    Our local crematorium stopped smoking about a year ago??? We thought that they had installed some smoke reducing equipment, but there is NO smoke at all now??? Makes you wonder!

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  3. This is not right. why has the EU even looked into this. DISGUSTING!!

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  4. Ivor Deddun

    Sounds like a good idea to me. Where would you put the headstone though? I have often looked at the septic tank and wondered...

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  5. Forty years ago, the elkhorn coral was one of the most common species in the Caribbean. Five years ago, it was listed as critically endangered. Caustic salts were blamed.

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  6. TonyS

    Its pretty obvious that the European Parliament have at last realised what need to be done with the French - especially as the french sewage regulations are so much higher than the rest of europe - why is this? one should ask; are they so much more full of ..... than the rest of us. Flushing is the answer ....maybe

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  7. scarysam

    What is the difference between dissolving and burning? No-one bothers about cremation so why object to dissolving the body. It is DEAD afterall.

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  8. rightsaidfred

    It's DISGUSTING! What sort of people are they?? My Mum died last year and the thought of dissolving her under pressure and flushing her down the loo - well - I can't express my thoughts.

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  9. Anna Plummer

    And after you have 'flushed' them, no doubt you visit the grave every time you go to the loo?? At least there is water in there for the flowers!

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  10. Dave Thompkinson

    What about the pollution caused by the caustic salts? It's bad enough in theory, but in practise, it would cause no end of problems.

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