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Sign Says 'Do not drink out of the toilet'

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The new City Hall building in the Phoenix suburb of Chandler, Arizona comes with something that has a lot of people wondering who does it. The Restroom signs says 'Do not drink out of the urinals and toilets'.

Now I have seen my dog drink out of the toilet, but then the sign wouldn't be of any use to him as he can't read.

Just how thirsty would you have to be to consider such a thing? MayDrinking out of the toiletbe it is common practise in America - which could explain the fact that they use more breath fresheners and have their teeth whitened more than any other Nation?

As for the staff at WTE, we will resist temptation and stick to tap water - well, all except for Maureen (what is that slurping sound?) - she always was adventurous!

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  1. Amy

    Because toilet water in America is treated to the same level as tap water, it doubles as an emergency back up water source in cases of extreme power outages which would render central water undeliverable. (Lab tests have shown that there is less bacteria in a common toilet than there is in a kitchen sink). The reason why that sign was one the toilet is because it is using untreated rain and/or gray water, which does not meet drinking water standards. The signage might sound absurd to some people, but there is actually a reason for it--and has become a code requirement whenever rain or graywater is used. WTE says: We also use potable water for flushing toilets in the UK, but we have never known anyone who would consider drinking out of one, even in an emergency! Let's see - drink from the kitchen sink or the toilet?? - Different strokes for different folks I suppose.

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  2. You could always put a loo block in and freshen breath at the same time.

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