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'LadyBag' - the septic tank in your handbag

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A portable septic tank has been invented by a German company for women to carry in their handbags - as if they aren't full enough already. LadyBag mobile toilet <BLOG_BREAK>
Inventors of the 'LadyBag' are proud to announce that women will no longer have to queue for the loo - instead they can pee in a bag.
The plastic bag  contains special urine-absorbing granules which solidify on contact with the urine and form a firm gel.
Already, 20,000 of the £11 ONE USE ONLY bags ( we can't stress that enough!) have been sold online.
A LadyBag spokesperson said: "You can use LadyBag while standing, sitting or squatting.
The design of the oval opening is perfect for female anatomy and assures safe and hygienic use.
The super-absorbers, special granules within quickly absorb the urine and trap it inside."
WTE comments:-
The question is - where do you do it - at the bus stop, in the park and what do you do with it then??
Here at WTE, we would rather find a wood, a hedge, or ANYTHING rather than carry P_ _S around in our handbags.  If the place is discreet enough to use the Ladybag, it is discreet enough to have a real pee and as for paying £11.00 a time - how much is a good bottle of 'Sancerre'?!
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  1. Mmm...What would the Wife prefer for her Birthday? A septic tank for her handbag or a bottle of perfume? If I gave my Wife the Ladybag I'd end up wearing it - after it was FULL!

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  2. liz green

    This is disgusting!! Fancy carrying pee around in your bag!! I'd rather have a small bottle of Sancerre in there instead!!

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  3. sue everatt

    I can't imagine anyone buying this, let alone 20,000! Must be bought as a JOKE present?

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