Sewage Plant and Septic Tank Friendly Products

Environmental Supplies Ltd. supply a totally CHEMICAL FREE range of Cleaners. 

This new range includes the traditional Cleaner Sanitisers, Degreasers and a Washroom cleaner made from Fruit Oils, Sugars and Plant Extracts only. There is even a revolutionary Sanitiser and Beer Line Cleaner which is a FIRST in the industry for Chemical Free products. 

These products have been proved to be non-toxic to both sewage treatment plants and septic tanks; unlike many other products which CLAIM to be tank-friendly but prove to be otherwise. 

This very complex blend of natural ingredients has been fully commercially tested and works like normal cleaners and not like the bacteria based products which do not give an instant result. The cleaning products are in High Concentration which will give you up to 75 trigger sprays per 5 litre, so a cost in use of only circa 40p!

The Beer Line Cleaner and Sanitiser are Ready to Use formula and are available in 5ltr. This helps keep the cost down and will allow businesses to use these normally harsh products without increasing expenditure.

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These are bio-degradeable and of benefit to your plant. Click to see why they are better than mainstream products