Sewage Treatment Plant and Waste Water Systems

Click here for the steps to take for a successful, legal installation, here for an explanation of the wastewater treatment process, and here for wastewater treatment systems for flood plains

FILTER SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS - NON-ELECTRIC - For Houses and Small Business Premises - 1 to 5 persons

FILTERPOD non-electric sewage treatment plants are our own design.. They use non-degradable RDX filter media.

  • 1 to 2 year emptying interval
  • No electricity used for the treatment process
  • Can be solar-powered if required - the only solar-powered sewage treatment plant in the world
  • UK Design
  • 10 year tank warranty


FilterPod non-electric sewage treatment plant


THREE STAGE SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS - For Houses, Housing Developments, Small and Large Businesses, Camping Sites, Hotels, Holiday Parks and Holiday Homes - 1 to 5000 persons
FALCON wastewater systems can work down to very low populations, unlike most plants which struggle when underloaded below 50% of what they were designed to do.
  • 6 to 18 month average emptying intervals
  • Very clean effluent 11BOD:16SS:7NH4 standard
  • OK for holiday homes and underloaded situations, campsites, hotels, visitor centres and domestic houses

DISC plants (rotating biological contactors or RBC's)) are the original package wastewater treatment systems. RBC's are now made by only a few companies as technology has changed.

  • They range from 6 to 350 person systems
  • 3 monthly to annual emptying intervals
  • Relies on extensive internal moving parts
  • Servicing is expensive
  • Best known brand is Klargester
RBC Sewage treatment unit


ACTIVATED SLUDGE SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS - Houses, Small Housing Developments, Small to Medium sized Businesses - 1 to 30 persons

VORTEX™ sewage treatment plants produce some of the cleanest effluent of them all and have an unbeatable ammonia reduction. They have an EN 12566-3 test effluent standard of an amazing 0.4mg/L ammoniacal nitrogen, which is over 40 times lower than the Environment Agency requirements. The VORTEX™ treatment process reduces pollutants by up to 98.9%.

  • The only ADJUSTABLE sewage treatment plant that can be turned down for lower populations.
  • The VORTEX™ only uses  from 24 watts/hour (£25/year at 12p/Kw) and is the most energy-efficient electric system on the market.Click to find out Why the VORTEX™ is so energy-efficient
  • The VORTEX™ also has an internal sampling point and does not need a separate sampling chamber, reducing your costs by a further £300.
  • The VORTEX™ is the ONLY system suitable for sewage treatment for flood plain sites.
  • They range from 6 to 30 persons
  • Annual emptying interval
  • Superb Effluent Standard 9BOD : 16S.S . :0.4NH4
Vortex wastewater treatment system 6 person


SEPTIC TANK CONVERSION TREATMENT UNITS Add on to existing Septic Tanks. For Houses, Housing Developments and Commercial Use - 1 to 5000 persons

BIOKUBE septic tank conversion treatment unit produces a very high standard of effluent, but is, like the Balmoral SBR, a sequencing batch reactor. The domestic range extends up to 30 persons and the units above 10 persons need a pumping station added to the system.

  • Annual emptying
  • Guaranteed sewage effluent quality for the treatment process
  • Ideal for strict discharge standards


Biocube Mars treatment plant image

AQUAPOD Adds on to an existing, or on-site constructed septic tank to provide full sewage treatment. They range from 50 to 5000 persons.

  • Ideal for sites with an existing septic tank
  • Ideal for countries where local labour and materials for the Septic Tank construction are economical
  • A choice of effluent discharge quality
  • British Design by WTE



All makes of sewage treatment plants, including Klargester, are serviced by Sapphire Environmental Ltd

Septic Tank or Sewage Treatment System?

If you are considering using a septic tank instead of a sewage treatment unit, make sure that the ground is suitable for a foul water soakaway drainfield, as over 60% of UK sites fail the mandatory tests that allow them to be installed or replaced. Either the Soakaway Trial Site Assessment Hole or Percolation Tests fail these tests, or, the property does not own enough land to enable a soakaway drainfield to be installed. You need a VERY large, treeless garden for a soakaway drainfield!

If your site passes these tests and you have enough land, then, in our opinion, the best septic tank on the market at the moment is the Traditional Design Low Profile Crystal Septic Tank.