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Home - sewage treatment and septic tanks - Welcome to WTE Ltd. What we do and details of our customer services.

Sewage Treatment Explained - What is sewage treatment?

Which is the BEST plant?

Sewage Treatment Options - Details of options and costs for sewage treatment including Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Sewage treatment plants and Reed Beds

Non-Electric sewage systems

How to choose a sewage treatment plant - How to choose a sewage plant and questions to ask the Manufacturers

Activated Sludge Process (ASP) - How bubble size affects the enectricity use and performance of a treatment plant

Discharging Sewage Effluent - Where and How you are allowed to do it

Steps to Take and permissions to obtain if you are installing a new sewage treatment plant

Reed Bed sewage treatment

Sewage Treatment for Flood Plain Sites



VORTEX™ sewage treatment plant

How to commission the VORTEX sewage treatment plant

RBC or Bio-disc

Apex sewage plant

Aquapod Septic Tank Conversion Unit

Mobile sewage and wastewater treatment plants

SEPTIC TANKS - All the info on our Septic Tanks


Biocube septic tank conversion


SEWAGE PROBLEMS -  An introduction to sewage treatment problems and solutions

Septic Tank Design 

Septic Tank Problems

Septic Tank Inspections and Surveys

DIY Septic Tank Surveys

Septic Tank Dangers


Groundwater source protecton zones

Above Ground Mound Soakaways

Soakaway crates and tunnels

Trial Site Assessment Hole

SODIUM - and septic tank failure

Water Softeners and septic tank/sewage treatment plant systems

Septic Tank Filters

Septic Tank Care

Do's and don'ts
Septic Tank Worms
Reducing Wastewater Amounts

Sewage reports

Cesspools and Cesspits

Smelly Drains

Septic Tank Emptying Intervals

Can a Farmer Empty a Septic Tank

Sewage Sludge, Humanure and Biosolid Dangers

Hedge and Ditch Rule

Condensing Boilers and their Condensate

Soakaways - What to Plant on them

Ecover Products and Sewage Treatment

Homemade Cleaning Products

Wastewater Legislation

Septic Tank and Sewage Treatment Plant General Binding Rules

Septic Tank Registration Ireland

Percolation Test

Sewage Treatment Plant Installation - An outline of the sewage installation services offered by WTE Ltd

Sewage Treatment Plant Maintanence and Servicing.

Sewage Contamination of Temporary Water Supplies BS 8551 2011

Glossary of sewage terms - All the jargon explained

Useful Links - Links to Building Regs, Environment Agency, etc.

Contact Us - How to contact WTE Ltd for servicing and repairs, sales and surveys.

Testimonials - Testimonials from customers on our company service

Domestic Sewage Treatment Tutorial - All you will ever need to know

Terms and Conditions

Environmental Policy