Above Ground Mobile Sewage Treatment Plants

Containerised AG Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Plants - MOBILE 

Our APEX sewage treatment system can be built inside standard open top shipping containers to allow a completely mobile treatment option  This allows the tanks to be shipped easilyApex 100 person mobile sewage treatment plant built into a container and once on site they can be installed either below or above ground as the container provides added strength to the system.  The plant can be positioned and operated from a lorry trailer for ease of mobility. They can also be emptied of water and moved to another site, as and when the location of the site changes. APEX Containerised AG sewage treatment plants are the mobile option for wastewater treatment and are invaluable for oil field enterprises, military maneuvers, temporary construction sites, humanitarian disaster relief, refugee camps, etc.

These Containerised AG sewage treatment plants are custom built for each individual application and wastewater quality requirement.


How it works

Primary Settlement Tank - Stage One

The primary settlement tank is a two stage tank designed to maximize the removal of solids from the wastewater, both gross and fine. The effluent is then transferred by gravity to the biozone for treatment. The primary settlement tank has a sludge storage capacity (based on full load) depending on the desludge periods required for individual wastewater treatment applications.

Biozone - Stage Two

The 2 stage biological treatment section of the sewage treatment plant uses BAF technology (biological aerated filter) which incorporates two proven principles of biological process in the form of a fixed film reactor for process stability and a suspended floc dispersed growth system for high transfer rates and operational control, to ensure a stable treatment process which is largely unaffected by shock loads. The sewage treatment process incorporates a submerged, high rate, plastic media on which a fixed film of biomass is grown. This film of biomass takes nutrition from the incoming settled effluent and is provided with oxygen by a small blower unit. This blower also which aerates the biomass which is unfixed to the media, achieving extra sewage treatment through aerating the bacteria that are suspended in the liquor.

The DPE membrane diffusers provide fine bubble aeration. The action of the fine bubble aeration is carefully controlled to ensure optimum oxygen transfer rates and to provide a scouring action to slough off excess biomass from the media surface. This keeps the thickness of the fixed biological film at optimum levels, preventing the production of anaerobic bacteria and ensuring maximum sewage treatment process efficiency. The fact that the media remains submerged allows for an element of suspended floc dispersed growth which basically means that the biozone incorporates a two stage process as standard. This allows for constant mixing of incoming settled effluent to provide optimum treatment stability and to avoid any short-circuiting od the effluent. The use of a two stage biozone in the sewage treatment plant ensures a high degree of process efficiency to not only cut B.O.D. levels to those required, but also achieving reductions in ammoniacal nitrogen far in excess of standard requirements

Final Settlement Tank - Stage Three

The final settlement tank is designed in accordance with the requirements of BS 6297 to ensure relevant surface areas and rise rates are achieved. This provides maximum settlement of any suspended solids prior to discharge. The APEX sewage system also incorporates a continuous and automatically timed humus sludge return systems to return humus sludge from both the final settlement tank and each biozone, back to the primary settlement tank. Additionally, the continuous recycling of treated effluent back to the P.S.T. not only dilutes the strength of incoming sewage, but  also ensures continuous flow during periods of low or no flow, thereby keeping the biomass in prime condition.

Tertiary Treatment - Stage Four

The final treatment is filtration through our own RDX Media to give the effluent a final Polish.

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