Domestic and Commercial Waste Water Sewage Treatment Plants

Choose the RIGHT Sewage Treatment Plant For The Job

Residential House Wastewater Treatment Systems

These provide ideal conditions for sewage treatment plants to operate due to:

Single House Treatment Systems:

These have Constant populations, apart from one or two week holidays.

They are used by the people who pay for the maintenance and repairs and who are, therefore, careful.

They receive Industry Standard wastewater concentrations - the concentrations that sewage treatment plants are tested with for their EN12566-3 Certificate.

Multiple House Systems:

These have a constant population.

They also receive Industry Standard wastewater concentrations.

There is anonymity of use which sometimes results in misuse.

Holiday Home Sewage Systems:

These have fluctuating populations.

There are often periods of no use.

They receive Industry Standard wastewater concentrations.

Rental Home Systems:

These have fluctuating populations.

They can also have periods when the property is empty, between tenants.

They receive Industry Standard watewater concentrations.

They are liable to misuse, as the Landlord pays for maintenance and repairs.


Sewage Treatment Plants for Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants

These suffer challenging conditions for sewage plants due to:

Fluctuating populations, which are, often less than 50% of maximum use. Below this percentage, almost all wastewater treatment systems have not been tested for performance.

Absence periods or very low use periods, particularly after Christmas and Easter, bad weather, etc.

The wastewater is more highly concretrated with pollutants than the Industry Standard wastewater concentrations that sewage treatment plants are tested with.

Sanitising products, sterilising solutions, etc. are often used which kill the bacteria in the Biodigester part of the plant that are needed for digestion of the pollutants.

Prepared meals also often have a high fat content, which can seriously affect the treatment process.

They are subject to Public use which equals misuse.

Most wastewater treatment systems struggle. 

Please telephone us to assess your situation and use in detail, so the right sewage system is installed.

Sewage Treatment Plants for Campsites, Caravan and Holiday Parks

These make for difficult conditions for wastewater treatment systems, due to the following facts:

They regularly have less people using them than 50% of maximum capacity of the system, (which is the lowest that most systems can operate at successfully).

They often have less than 15%, occupancy due to seasonal variations, bad weather & week/weekend variation.

They often suffer from total absence periods - often due to bad weather, when no-one is on site

They tend to have much stronger than the Industry Standard wastewater concentrations that all sewage treatment plants are tested with, as the wastewater is not so diluted with long showers, baths, washing machines, etc.

They are used by the general public who usually have Mains Sewerage at home and  have little respect for the biological system involved.

A specialist commercial system is always required.

Campsites also have the problem that Cassette Toilets are often used by campers. These must not enter the sewage plant system.

Please ring us to discuss your specific needs, as they vary from site to site.

Wastewater Treatment Plants for Offices, Schools, Building Sites

These sometimes have challenging conditions for sewage treatment plants:

These have both Static and Fluctuating populations due to increase and decrease in worker numbers, etc.

They have guaranteed absence periods or very low use periods due to School Holidays, Weekends and Bank Holidays.

They receive higher than the Industry Standard wastewater concentration of pollutants, but often low volumes of actual wastewater, as showers, washing machines, etc. are ofen not used.

They often have to cope with stronger commercial cleaning products than normal domestic plants.

They are misused by people who don't understand the workings of a biological system.

WTE also manufacture above ground sewage treatment plants. These can be very useful for temporary building sites and portable buildings, as they can be moved or sold to other locations.

Why choose WTE-Ltd?

WTE-Ltd manufactures a range of different sewage treatment plants for all situations, as it is not possible to design a single plant that can cope with all types of properties and uses efficiently. Some situations require a commercial design, as domestic systems won't work.

We also produce the only adjustable wastewater treatment system, which can be turned down for low occupancy residential houses.

Sewage treatment plants are the modern replacement for outdated septic tank systems, which, in many cases, are no longer legal under the current septic tank rules. They process both the greywater (baths, showers, dishwashers, washing machine water) and the blackwater from the toilets . The discharge can be to either a drainfield or a ditch or stream. They require a 20% smaller drainfield than the old septic tank.

During the process, up to 97% of the pollutants are digested by the sewage treatment plant and the resulting treated water is clean enough to be discharged into watercourses without harming the environment. Our new designs also enable Phosphate Reduction and Total Nitrogen Reduction.

Our range includes Vortex, APEX, Non-Electric FilterPod and AquaPod. Please click on the links or images below for our recommendations.

We also recommend Sapphire Sewage Plant Service Engineers for on-going maintenance of wastewater systems

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