EPIC Septic Tank
EPIC Septic Tanks by WTE

EPIC Septic Tanks

EPIC Septic Tanks are manufactured by WTE for properties that require a septic tank and not a sewage treatment plant.

EPIC septic tanks are compact and lightweight making installation simple.

Every EPIC Septic Tank is also fitted with a WTE Drain-X effluent filter to significantly reduce particles leaving the tank and blocking up the drainage field.

Features of the EPIC Septic Tank

  • Zero power required.
  • Shallow dig septic tank.
  • Fitted with a Drain-X Filter as standard.

  • 100% recyclable HDPE (polyethylene) tank.
  • Small, disceet access cover.
  • One piece moulded construction - no leaking seals.
  • Compact size enables economic installation in tight spaces.

  • 10 year tank warranty.

How the EPIC Septic Tank Works

Wastewater from the building enters the EPIC Septic Tank via the 110mm inlet pipe connection.

Solids are separted from water inside the EPIC septic tank by gravity.  Heavy solids sink to the bottom of the tank and oils and fats rise to the surface.

The water inside the tank is filtered through a Drain-X effluent filter (see below) before flowing out of the tank and into the drainage field through the 110mm outlet pipe.

Cross Section of EPIC Septic Tank
EPIC 6 Septic Tank

Drain-X Septic Tank Effluent Filter

Like all septic tanks, the effluent from EPIC septic tanks is dicharged to a drainage field or drainage mound.

EPIC septic tanks have a Drain-X filter installed in the outlet of every tank.

Drain-X septic tank effluent filters greatly prolong the life of the drainage field by trapping physical deposits and preventing them leaving the tank and blocking up the drainage field.

The filter is easily cleaned by a suction tanker when the tank is emptied.

  • Drain-X Septic Tank Filter
  • Drain-X
    Drain-X Septic Tank Effleunt Filter

    Septic Tank Sizing

    How to size a septic tank:

    The minimum size (volume) a septic tank can be is dictated by Building Regulations Section H2.

    A septic tank must have a minimum working volume (volume of water) of 2,700L for up to four people.  For every addiitional person, the volume is increased by 180L.

    The number of people is determined by the number of bedrooms in the property:

    1 bedroom = 2 people

    2 bedrooms = 4 people

    3 bedrooms = 5 people

    4 bedrooms = 6 people

    5 bedrooms = 7 people

    6 bedrooms = 8 people


    4 Bedroom House = 6 people

    6 = 4+2

    2,700L + (2x 180L) = 3,060L

    A 4 bedroom house requires a septic tank with a minimum volume of 3,060L

    EPIC product downloads

    EPIC 6 Septic Tank for  6 people.
    EPIC 6 Septic Tank for 6 people.