Septic Tank Filters for Improving Effluent Quality

DrainX™ Septic Tank Filters for wastewater filtration from Septic Tank SystemsBristle Filter for septic tank image

The big problem with septic tank systems is that their soakaways block with suspended solids which are carried out of the septic tank outlet and into the soakaway itself.  These solids eventually ruin the soil porosity and the soakaway fails.

Septic Tank and sewage treatment plant final effluent is filtered before discharge in most countries throughout the world, except for the UK and Ireland.

The DrainX™ Septic Filter is fitted into the vertical part of the 'T' on the outlet pipe from our two chamber septic tank and removes up to 70% of the fine suspended solids from the discharging septic effluent and up to 30% from a sewage treatment unit, vastly increasing the quality of your wastewater and protecting the soakaway from blockage.

A septic tank filter requires NO electricity and minimum maintenance - you simply pull it out of the tank by the handle, hosepipe it clean and push it back - simple as that!

 With over one million filters installed in septic tanks and sewage treatment plants throughout the USA and abroad, these filters are the answer for all your wastewater filtering needs.

How the Filter Works

  Thousands of unprotected septic systems fail every year.  WTE receives calls every day from people whose soakaway has failed, sometimes after only a couple of years.  A small investment in an effluent filter helps you protect your septic system from costly repair.

With a Septic Filter installed, small floating solids are kept in the tank so they can be further broken down and kept out of your soakaway drains.

The Effluent Filter directs the outgoing effluent through either a series of very fine slots which prevent anything over 1/16th of an inch leaving the tank, or bristles which tend to trap everything.  It also encourages the growth of millions of aerobic bacteria throughout its matrix which further digest the organic matter in the liquid.

Slot or DrainX Filter?             Zabel septic tank filter           Bristle Filter image

The 'Slot' filter forces the effluent to flow through a series of narrow slots and the patented flow reduces the trapping of solids in the filter by allowing them to slough off and fall back into the tank for further digestion, however, they do not trap as many small solids as the DrainX filters and hardly trap hair at all.

 DrainX filters are far more efficient at trapping suspended solids and stop all hair and lint fibres from exiting the tank and clogging the soakaway. We have tried them both for 4 years and find the DrainX filters far superior and these are the ones that we now supply.

The Filter Range

The range extends from filters suitable for single domestic dwellings to filters suitable for treating up to 20,000 litres/day.


110mm. DrainX Filter is £45 plus VAT and is only supplied by Sapphire Environmental Ltd. septic tank Filters. Tel 01759 369582.

Septic Tank Filters protect your expensive soakaway.