Failed Septic Tank Insurance Claims

In many cases, damaged septic tanks are covered by your insurance policy.

Customers have successfully been able to claim on their buildings insurance where damage to the existing septic tank resulted in replacement or repair work being required.

In order for work to be insurable then it must be caused by accidental damage caused by an unforeseen external event not caused by the policyholder.

The most common successful claims are for:  

  • Cracked and/or bending tanks. 
  • Damaged and/or collapsing baffles, particularly on spherical septic tanks.
  • Missing Tee pipes.
  • Water ingress through a split or crack.
  • Tanks that have popped out of the ground.
  • Root damage to tanks
In some cases, claims can be escalated, if minor damage has resulted in a major problem, for example, a missing T pipe causing a soakaway drainfield failure.

In all cases, it is VITAL that you do not contact your Insurance Company directly as most people invalidate their claim by saying the wrong thing.

Contact WTE Ltd.and we will handle your claim for you, FREE OF CHARGE.

A completely failed septic tank system

Septic tanks that collapsed due to increase in water table height