Sewage treatment plants for campsites, caravan parks and glamping

Sewage treatment plant installed for a campsite

Sewage treatment plants face enormous difficulties when they are installed on campsites, caravan, glamping and holiday parks, as most were not designed for this purpose, but for dealing with wastewater from domestic houses. These sites require a commercial treatment system.

Houses have the same number of people living in them every day, by and large and the flow of sewage into the plant is at a constant flow rate and strength, day to day, week to week. These are the conditions that sewage treatment plants like and were designed for, to work at their best. They are also the conditions that they were tested under for their EN Certificate.

Campsites, Caravan and Holiday Parks are not like that. There are massive fluctuations in population from low to high season, weekday to weekend, good weather to bad and the sewage flow rates alter accordingly. Some days, there can be no-one there at all on some sites. Normal domestic sewage treatment plants have difficulties coping with this and the final water quality suffers as a result and a commercial sewage treatment plant is required..

The strength of the commercial sewage is also greater than that produced by houses, as no-one wants to take a long, luxurious shower, (which dilutes the sewage) in the shower block, as they would at home. Many sites have only limited laundry facilities, (which also dilutes the sewage) and many people simply take their washing home at the end of the holiday.  Most sewage treatment plants are not designed to cope with this either.

To enable a good, reliable quality of discharged water, we have developed the APEX range of commercial sewage treatment plants to cope with the above problems. They  trickle-feed sewage into the inflow chamber all the time, by way of an automatic return pipe, even when there is no-one there. The bacteria are kept alive and healthy, even when the site is empty,

We also have develped an APEX that can have half of it switched off. This makes it become a smaller plant for less people, so that it works as well in Low Season as it does in High Season using half the electricity.

For campsites that have already got a septic tank, even though it does not meet the new rules,we have designed the AquaPod, which can be fitted after it, if it is suitabley sized and undamaged. It also 'Trickle-Feeds' the bacteria with food in Low Season.

The treated sewage from both of the above is clean enough to be discharged into a watercourse in the vast majority of cases.

For caravan parks that site Touring Vans, you will still need a separate Cesspool for cassette toilet waste disposal, but the main toilet and shower blocks will connect to the wastewater treatment plant.

Please ring us to discuss the suitability of a sewage treatment system and the size and type needed for your site