Sewage treatment plants for schools and offices

Sewage treatment plant installed for a campsite
APEX sewage treatment plant for offices, schools and building sites

Sewage treatment plants face a few issues when used for schools, offices and building sites, as most were not designed for dealing with wastewater from domestic houses, where the flow of sewage is constant and regular, both in volume and strength, day to day, every day. They obtain their EN Certificate by treating the sewage from domestic sources, often a divert from a town's main sewers and they are given their Performance Certificate accordingly.

Schools, offices and building sites have days when there is no-one there. Most sites, schools and offices are closed at weekends and schools are closed for weeks at a time with no sewage going into the plant to feed the bacteria. This is not how the sewage treatment plants were tested, week after week.

The strength of the sewage is also higher than that which was tested, as the main sewage going in is from the toilets and wash hand basins, with very little dilution from showers, washing machines, etc.

We have developed the APEX range of sewage treatment plants to cope with these conditions of disrupted flow and high strength sewage. The APEX trickle-feeds sewage into the first, primary chamber all the time. It does this automatically, even when the site is unoccupied, to prevent stress and death of the bacteria through starvation. The bacteria are kept alive and well, ready to start their digestion work when the site is occupied again.

For some sites, where there are plenty of people on site to 'feed' the bacteria during the week and no long periods of absence, the VORTEX sewage treatment plant may well be very suitable, as it can withstand constant weekends without feeding.

For premises that have already got a suitable septic tank, the AquaPod may be considered, as it fits after a septic tank to clean the sewage to modern standards.It also 'Trickle-Feeds' the bacteria whith food durig holiday periods.

All the above are designed to discharge to a watercourse, if there is a suitable one within reach.

Please ring us to discuss the suitability of a sewage treatment system and the size and type needed for your site