Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants - Home Use

Sewage treatment plant installed for a domestic house

Sewage treatment plants are primarily and in many cases, exclusively, designed for domestic family homes, not large houses where wastewater treatment systems are underloaded. These are, typically, larger 4 bedroomed houses, with only 2 people living in them.

Almost all sewage treatment plants are only designed to go down to 50% of the size of the plant, meaning that a 6 person plant, needed for a 4 bedroom home, must be used by a minimum of 3 people. This is in order for the bacteria to receive enough 'food' from the sewage per day. They are only tested down to 50% for their EN Certificate, so there is no data available for them for lower percentages, and in many cases, they don't work.

A domestic sewage treatment plant that is connected to a normal house, lived in by enough full-time residents who are responsible for the plant, is the ideal situation for any sewage treatment system. It has a stable flow rate of sewage into the plant and the concentration of pollutants is relatively stable as well.

We manufacture different types of domestic sewage treatment plants, each one designed for different situations to cope with this large home, but few people problem - please see below.

Vortex sewage treatment plant
Vortex sewage treatment plant for domestic residential homes

VORTEX sewage treatment plant

We have resolved the common domestic underloading problem by producing our VORTEX sewage treatment system, which is easily adjustable, by hand. This allows it to work even if only one person lives in the house.

It has been EN Tested down to 10%, with no reduction in the performance, when turned down to the correct level.

It is ideal for normal residental use, where the family only leaves the house unoccupied during holiday periods and not for months at a time;

QUANTUM sewage treatment plant
QUANTUM sewage treatment plant for domestic residential homes

QUANTUM sewage treatment plant

 Our QUANTUM domestic sewage treatment system is the economy version of our ground breaking VORTEX system

It is also adjustable, by hand and will work with a single occupier.

It has been EN Tested down to 10% of its design load.

It is designed for normal residental use.

Apex sewage treatment plant
Ideal for domestic houses that may suffer from extended periods of absence.

APEX sewage treatment plant

However, not all houses are lived in on a permanent basis. For holiday homes, second homes, sporadic letting properties, etc. a Vortex may still be the answer, depending on the circumstances. However, an APEX sewage treatment system or a non-electric FilterPod treatment plant may be a better choice, if the flow rates are sporadic over a long period of time, or if the absences are longer than 2 to 3 weeks at a time.

The APEX does need full occupancy with higher numbers of people when it is in use though, to 'Stock-up' the larder, so to speak!

FilterPod non-electric sewage treatment plant
FilterPod non-electric sewage treatment plant for residential and periodic use properties

FilterPod non-electric sewage treatment plant

The FilterPod uses zero electricity for the sewage treatment process, saving you up to £300/year when compared to some single house treatment plants that are sold in the UK.

Completely silent in operation.

It is our own design, made by us in the UK.

It is also ideal for weekend cottages, sporadic letting or 2nd homes, as it can not only cope with sporadic use, but also with very little occupation when it is in use.

It is ideal for off-grid homes and eco developments.

All our domestic sewage treatment plants are designed to be able to discharge the clean water into a watercourse, if desired.

All our sewage treatment plants are made in the UK.

Please ring us to discuss the suitability of any sewage treatment system.