Sewage Treatment Systems for Residential Domestic Houses

Sewage treatment plants are primarily and in many cases, exclusively, designed for domestic family houses, not large houses where only 2 people live.

We manufacture 3 different types, each one designed for different situations to cope with this problem.

A sewage treatment plant that is connected to a normal house lived in by full-time residents who are responsible for the plant, is the ideal situation for any sewage treatment system. It has a stable flow rate of sewage into the plant and the concentration of pollutants is relatively stable as well.

It is worth noting that almost all sewage treatment plants are only designed to go down to 50% of the size of the plant, meaning that a 6 person plant, needed for a 4 bedroom house, must be used by a minimum of 3 people, in order for the bacteria to receive enough 'food' from the sewage per day. They are only tested down to 50% for their EN Certificate, so there is no data available for them for lower percentages.

We have resolved this problem by producing our Vortex sewage treatment system, which is easily adjustable, by hand, to allow it to work even if only one person lives in the house

It has been EN Tested down to 10%, with no reduction in the performance, when turned down to the correct level.

However, not all houses are lived in on a permanent basis and for holiday homes, second homes, sporadic letting properties, etc. a Vortex may still be the answer, depending on the circumstances. However, an APEX sewage treatment system or a non-electric FilterPod treatment plant may be a better choice, if the flow rates are sporadic over a long period of time.

All our sewage treatment plants are designed to be able to discharge the clean water into a watercourse, if desired.

Please ring us to discuss the suitability of a system if you have this issue.