Sewage treatment plants for pubs and hotels

Sewage treatment plant installed for a domestic house

Sewage treatment plants often have problems when installed for Pubs, hotels and restaurants.

They are almost all designed for domestic use, where there are no daily or seasonal fluctuations in population and flow rates.

The strength of the sewage is also greater than that of domestic, as there is a much higher concentration of ammonia, due to toilet usage and the fact that the wastewater is not diluted with bath and shower water from the people using the toilets.

There is also the other problem of increased disinfectant use, due to them being a public place where hygene is essential. They also have the added problems of grease from the commercial kitchen and sterilising fluids used for the beer lines.

We have developed the APEX range of sewage treatment plants to cope with these problems. They have a feature which trickle-feeds sewage into the inflow chamber all the time, even when there is no-one there. This feeds the bacteria enogh to keep them active during quiet periods and helps to dilute flash inflows of harmful products.

We also manufacture the AquaPod, which can be fitted after a suitable existing septic tank. It also has the 'Trickle-Feed' feature above.

All our plants are designed to meet the water quality for discharge to a watercourse.

Under Bulding Regulations, all commercial wastewater sytems must include a Grease Trap, prior to the plant, which we can size and supply for you.

Please ring us to discuss the suitability of a sewage treatment system and the size needed.