Sewage Contamination of Temporary Water Supplies

New British Standard for Temporary Water Supplies

Pop Festival Disaster with Sewage Contamination Sewage contamination of temporary water supply

In 2011, a contractor who was providing drinking water to a large festival loaded water pipes on to the back of his flatbed truck - straight on top of pipes previously used to dispose of human waste.

Three days later, festival-goers contracted gastroenteritis, as the water supply was ruled undrinkable due to E. coli contamination, and over 40,000 people were left without access to safe drinking water. The festival organizers were forced to drive around local supermarkets buying up bottled water at a cost of thousands. The whole debacle jeopardized the company's credentials as news organizations scooped up the story.  

Don't find yourself in a similar situation

For the first time, a British Standard provides you with all the information you need to ensure temporary water supplies are safe, every time. Using BS 8551 - Provision and management of temporary water supplies, you’ll also demonstrate due diligence to water and health-and-safety law.

This standard is designed for: 

  • Festival and event organisers
  • Venue operators Installation engineers
  • Construction sites
  • Holiday caravan/camp sites
  • Local government agencies providing temporary domestic water supplies in emergencies 
  • Potable water suppliers
  • Mobile/outside caterers 

Step-by-step guidance from extraction to point of use  

With BS 8551, you’ll have expert guidance at every step. This influential new standard explains how to:

  • Gauge wholesome supply
  • Connect to permanent distribution pipe work for extraction purposes, avoiding contamination risks
  • Supply, maintain and clean vessels used in transportation or as supply points
  • Disinfect vessels
  • Store and ensure quality of bottled water stocks intended for temporary supply  

Don’t risk your business and public health – this is the essential guide for anyone involved with temporary water supplies. Download BS 8551:2011 - Provision and management of temporary water supplies and distribution networks (not including provisions for statutory emergencies) - Code of practice now at the BSI Shop.