Failed Sewage Treatment Plant Insurance Claims

Many sewage treatment plant failures can be claimed on a Buildings Insurance Policy.

The Policy must include accidental damage cover and the problem must be a result of accidental damage.

Examples of successful claims are:

  • Root damage to the tank itself
  • Root ingress into the tank
  • Cracked and/or bending tanks
  • Baffle distortions and failures
  • Internal pipework damage
  • Tanks that have risen up due to groundwater
  • Plants that have been damaged by vehicles or livestock
  • Localised ground movement

Failed sewage treatment plant insurance claim

A tractor ran over the top of this Conder ASP - a DEFINITE Insurance claim.

What is not covered:

  • Problems and failures caused by a complete lack of maintenance (servicing) and/or emptying.
  • Poor installation that results in the plant not working properly or being damaged.

Do NOT contact your Insurance company direct as it is very easy to say something that invalidates your claim! 

Contact James Webb at WTE Ltd. on 01759 369915. We will advise you as to your chances of having a successful claim and will handle your claim free of charge.