VORTEX Sewage Treatment Plant - Commissioning

Commissioning the VORTEX Sewage Treatment Plant for the first time

The first time you turn on the VORTEX sewage treatment plant, you need to adjust the valves in order that the right amount of air flows to each of the functions of the plant.

To make this easier, we have uploaded a video which shows the correct amount of aeration for all the parts of the process.

Please click on these videos:






If you have any questions, please ring us and we will explain the simple valve settings, but all you need to do is adjust the valves so that the water flow and bubbling resembles that shown above.

The VORTEX will be set up by VORTEX engineers at its first service, about 2 to 3 months after installation, when the liquor has thickened from water to its working viscosity.

VORTEX sewage treatment plant servicing and repairs