Solar powered off grid sewage treatment plant
Off Grid Solar Powered VORTEX

Our most popular sewage treatment plant is now available in a solar powered version.

The VORTEX Eco Electric sewage treatment plant is now available as a sustainable, solar powered system; perfect for off grid installation or where the highest environmental and suatainable credentials are required.

WTE has been the industry leader in sustainable sewage treatment plants for many years and this includes a completely off grid version of our most popular system.

VORTEX uses a low power air blower that only operates for 45 minutes every hour.  this low power demand enables us to offer a solar powered version for sites that do not have, or want, a mains power connection to the tank.

Please contact our slaes office on either 01759 369915 or [email protected] for more information.

Solar powered VORTEX sewage treatment plant
Sustainable off grid sewage treatment solution